Re: Searching for list of Paraguayan anthurium sect. (fwd)

On Mon, 24 Aug 1998, Steve Marak wrote:
> Dear Thomas,
>    There are only two species of Anthurium listed for Paraguay: A.
> plowmanii Croat and A. paraguayense Engler. Unfortunately, both are from
> the section Pachyneurium. Take a look at inflorescences with their
> peduncles. If they are longer than the petioles, your plant probably is
> a A. paraguayense. If they are much shorter than the petioles, so you
> must to be a proud owner of a A. plowmanii. I have a huge A. plowmanii
> in front of window and have seen lots of wild A. plowmanii in
> Southwestern Brazil, but I really dont remember their smell.
>       I hope it helps
>               Eduardo.

Assuming that the smell of A.plowmanni does not depend on the plant's
maturity :-), I think A.plowmanni can be taken out of consideration, since
it does not have any appreciable smell.  At lease the one photographed in did not have

Krzysztof Kozminski

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