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Subject: Re: Searching for list of Paraguayan anthurium sect.=20

Dear Thomas,

   There are only two species of Anthurium listed for Paraguay: A.=20
plowmanii Croat and A. paraguayense Engler. Unfortunately, both are from=20
the section Pachyneurium. Take a look at inflorescences with their=20
peduncles. If they are longer than the petioles, your plant probably is=20
a A. paraguayense. If they are much shorter than the petioles, so you=20
must to be a proud owner of a A. plowmanii. I have a huge A. plowmanii=20
in front of window and have seen lots of wild A. plowmanii in=20
Southwestern Brazil, but I really dont remember their smell.=20

      I hope it helps


>Dear Aroiders,
>I=3DB4m new at the Listserver and the Internet. I never thougt that so =3D
>much Aroid enthusiast exist. I=3DB4m growing Anthurium, Philodendron =3D
>Now I have a quaestion to all of you.
>I get an anthurium from Paraguay, I decide thats it=3DB4s one of the =3D
>section PACHYNEURIUM, but I didnt=3DB4t find it in the key of species at=
>the IAS server.
>So I would ask if somebody knows literature about paraguayan Aroids, or=20
>has a list of known Paraguayan Anthuriums.
>A little description:
>If you ever smell this plant you would never forget it, the whole room=20
>smells really bad. The spatha is green and the berries are violett. The=20
>leaves are 5x longer than broad and reached 60 cm.
>I=3DB4m new in computing and so I have no scanner or digital camera so I=
>can=3DB4t send any pictures.
>I hope somebody can help me.
>Thomas Mottl

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