Re: Searching for list of Paraguayan anthurium sect. PACHYNEURIUM

Dear Aroiders
Thank you for all answers I received. Iam really surprised about that.
It is a rhizomatous plant, epihytic (it grows best in hydroculture). The
flower of this plant is typical for the genus Anthurium. The spathe is
green, the peduncles are much longer than the petioles. (The petioles =
3-4 cm). The plant smells so ugly that my wife always told me to cut
them.:-). And it makes self berries without pollinate by an other flower
like for example. A. scandens. The leaves are wavy like the A. =
but not so broad.
Another curious and remarkable thing is that this anthurium is a magnet =
plant-louse. Only this plant is attacked by them no other Aroid at home.
Every summer I must fight against them.
I have no pictures but will make some and send it. I never made some,
because in Germany is the interest on aroids really small. There some =
interested in Cryptocoryne and great Mr. Bogner as a scientist.
So i never make photos of my own plants - I see them every day and I =
known anybody who was interessted in looking "stupid Aroids". .

I think when the pictures arrived somebody knows this plant, but it=B4s
definetly not A. paraguayense and A. plowmanni.

Thomas Mottl=20

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