Re: laws or restrictions on mailing seeds/plants to another country

i think that USDA has a different view on the importation of seeds into
the united states. many seeds are restricted and all or most, if doing
it by the book, must be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate from
a Government or otherwise approved "seed expert" certifying the seed to
be clean and free of "other stuff." i guess there are some blanket
provisions for certain types of seeds. 

i am required to have a permit for importing seed. sending seed is not a
problem but most places require some sort of permit for legal entry.
cyprus for example requires an entry permit. 

of course the postal services in most countries don't examine each piece
of mail so if you are sending small lots for hobby growers......

but then we all have to be careful about introductions that can ruin
local agriculture or otherwise upset the precarious balances from place
to place.

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