RE: laws or restrictions on mailing seeds/plants to another country

From: on behalf of jbauer
Sent: 	Monday, December 01, 1997 4:37 PM
Subject: 	laws or restrictions on mailing seeds/plants to another country

>>Hi All,
What are the laws or restrictions on mailing seeds or plants to another
I heard of someone having to sneak Primrose seeds through customs from
England to the US. 
Several years ago many of the horticultural crops in California were
wiped out because of a plant imported with an insect. As a result
California is very strict about importing any agricultural products. 
I would like to send seeds to one of our Aroider friends in England. 
Has anyone had success with mailing seeds from the US to England?
Judy Bauer
8440 Huckleberry Trl
Concord NC 28027
plant zone 7<<

Dec. 2nd,1997.

Dear Judy,
At the P.O. you will be asked to fill out and sign a custom`s declaration 
form, and I wrote "cleaned, treated Aroid seeds for research purposes only" 
and declared "N.C.V" for their value.   They went through fine.  I have used 
this method to send Aroid seeds all over the world with nary a problem.  Good 
luck, and clean your seed well. leaving no trace of fruit or skin around them.

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