Re: abscission

Dear Kevin,

	I'm really glad you raised this question because it's been on my
mind since I saw multiple Philodendron giganteum inflorescences in Puerto
Rico which on gross observation seemed to form some zone from which
the post-anthesis structure breaks off.  

	Notice how careful I am not to say abscission layer cause I just
don't know what's going on physiologically.

	I'd very much like to hear from other people too.

					Jane Whitehill 

On Mon, 1 Dec 1997, Kevin Martyn wrote:

> Hello everyone!
> 	I've done nothing but lurk on this list for the past few months but
> lately I've been shooting my mouth off about aroids in my plant anatomy
> class. The topic of abscission came up and dicots stole the show. My
> monocot questions and comments, particularly about the formidable
> protective layer generated by bulbous aroids (e.g.Amorph., Dracunculus,
> Sauromat.), earned me an appointment to find out the anatomical
> differences, if any, between the abscission zones of dicots and
> monocots. Does anyone know if, in aroids, a true separation layer forms?
> If so, does it form just before senescence or does it differentiate
> early? What kinds of substances are used to block tracheary elements?
> Any particular anatomical differences?
> Thanks for any help!
> Kevin Martyn
> (P.S. This is not earning me credit so don't feel any moral pressure.)

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