Hello everyone!
	I've done nothing but lurk on this list for the past few months but
lately I've been shooting my mouth off about aroids in my plant anatomy
class. The topic of abscission came up and dicots stole the show. My
monocot questions and comments, particularly about the formidable
protective layer generated by bulbous aroids (e.g.Amorph., Dracunculus,
Sauromat.), earned me an appointment to find out the anatomical
differences, if any, between the abscission zones of dicots and
monocots. Does anyone know if, in aroids, a true separation layer forms?
If so, does it form just before senescence or does it differentiate
early? What kinds of substances are used to block tracheary elements?
Any particular anatomical differences?

Thanks for any help!
Kevin Martyn
(P.S. This is not earning me credit so don't feel any moral pressure.)

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