Re: laws or restrictions on mailing seeds/plants to another country


The U.S. has no restrictions on mailing seed to or receiving it
from other countries (unless the plants are listed on the CITES
I list.) Most other countries do not restrict receipt of seed, but
your friend should make inquiries as to whether there are any 
 special regulations regarding this. (New Zealand, for instance,
 requires that an inventory with botanical names accompany the
shipment.) I mail seed all over the world in my job as CSSA Seed
Depot Director, and have never had any interference of any sort.

Plants are a different matter. You can send cuttings without any
trouble, but plants with roots might be intercepted and destroyed,
even if they are washed as clean as possible. A friend in Sweden
and I exchanged cut African violet leaves for years and never had
any problems. But, you are right about California laws. A grower
in Hawaii cannot send plants or cuttings to Calif. because of the
burrowing nematode. Calif. Agriculture will inspect any box
labelled 'plants', and may return it directly to the sender.

Sue Haffner
> Hi All,
> What are the laws or restrictions on mailing seeds or plants to another
> country?
> I heard of someone having to sneak Primrose seeds through customs from
> England to the US. 
> Several years ago many of the horticultural crops in California were
> wiped out because of a plant imported with an insect. As a result
> California is very strict about importing any agricultural products. 
> I would like to send seeds to one of our Aroider friends in England. 
> Has anyone had success with mailing seeds from the US to England?
> Thanks,
> Judy Bauer
> 8440 Huckleberry Trl
> Concord NC 28027
> plant zone 7

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