procedure for cuttings

Dewey-To make a cutting of Amorph. go up the petiole to where it is
3-parted, then further on to where it is 2-parted.  Right where it
branches there into 2 divisions is where you should cut.  You can get
2 cuttings from there, and 2 from each of the remaining  divisions for
a total of 6 cuttings from something that branches in a similar way.
You want to end up with a cutting about 8-12 inches long and the bottom
3 inches will be placed into soil (a good rooting mix like peat and
perlite is what I used).  The bottom 3 inches should be free of
leafy material except for the "vein", so cut back to there so it looks
like a stick on those 3 inches.  You can try rooting hormone because
I used it when I experimented with Amorph cuttings at MoBot when I
worked there, although recently when I rooted the Chlorospatha I
didn't use it.  So for the portion of the cutting that will remain
above the soil, reduce the size back to 5-7 inches or so, by cutting
off heavy leaflets that the "vein" can't support or cut leaflets in
half.  Place in a warm humid area and it takes about 6-8 weeks for
roots and a small bulbil to form.  I did it with A. bulbifer and
A. konjac but the success rate was always low.  I haven't tried it
with any other species, so let me know if it works for you.
-Kathy Upton

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