Re: Arum maculatum

>Peter Boyce or other Arumettes:
>        We are growing a number of arums, and are thoroughly confused with
>Arum maculatum.  None of the plants that we are growing as A. maculatum are
>solid green or spotted black.  They are all patterned with silver.  Could I
>assume that all of these are actually A. italicum or hybrids between the

Dear Tony;
	My 2 cents.
	It does seem like a lot of Arum maculatum in the US is either
mis-identified or not spotted. I had a lot of questions about this, too.
The true Arum maculatum is quite distinct (spotted or not) from A italicum
(marked or not). My spotted plants self sow with both spotted and unspotted
seedlings apppearing.
	The plate of A. maculatum in Peter Boyce's wonderful book "The
Genus Arum" is a bit wierd in that it makes the black spots almost look
like 'sores'. In my plants there is a far simpler black (Dark brown) mark
more like that done with a permanent marker. The spots are scattered around
the leaf at random.

	I have some seedlings named as hybrids that are  washed with a
silvery pattern, but unlike that of A. italicum pictum. Still too young to
compare, but it seems these 2 must hybridize pretty readily and the hybrids
have some vigor!

	A maculatum in flower is distinct!

	Hope it was of some help. 		jim W.

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