Re: sores on the leaves of Arum maculatum

>The 'sores' on the leaves of A. maculatum in the book are true to
>life, they really are both sunken and raised like black blisters.
>This occurrence (bullate leaves) is also found in Biarum pyrami and
>B. bovei where black-spotted leaves occur, also in Eminium
>koenenianum where the 'sores' are white. Odder still, in some forms
>of B. pyrami the 'sores' are plain green like the remainder of the

Dear Pete;
	Without a leaf to look at right now-although they are unrolling out
of the ground, I don't really recall seeing these raised and sunken areas,
just a smooth leaf with numerous small dark brown spots of color. Did I
just not notice the change in surface texture here?
	Very odd, but gives me more to look for when they emerge fully.
	The flowers do correspond exactly with the one illustrated and your
description in your book. I recall  keying it out when I got your book.  I
never quite trust some names until I get an authority for comparison and

	Many thanks and I'll try to remember and report back.

	Thanks		Jim W.

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