Re: seed culture


Nearly all Arisaema seed do not require a cold period to germinate. A.
triphyllum should
germinate easily.

I use the Deno method for seed germination, so the media is a scrap of
wet paper towel.
Once the radical emerges, carefully transfer the seedlings to any sterile
mixture and keep them moist.

You will probably have some problem growing the plants to best advantage
because they do like
a cool period when they go dormant. It doesn't have to be really cold
although we really
don't know exactly how cold it has to be. My guess is in the 50F range or

In the north, we lifted tubers like Glads, etc. and stored them nearly
dry for the winter. The same will work
in the South for Arisaema storing them in the refrigerator. But, what we
really need is a good
study with a range of storage temperatures and times including control


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