Re: New to AROID-L

Dear Bjorn,
   A while back you sent a note to the Aroid list asking for several varieties
of Aroids.  Were you able to aquire any new varieties of Aroids?  I have a few
small bulbils of several species you were asking about and was wondering if
you were still interested in trading.  I would need to know if you can send
bulbs or seeds to California, USA.
The varieties I have available are: 

Amorphophallus konjak.....1 small
Arisarum proboscidium......medium sized corms, just starting to grow
Dracunculus vulgaris .......1 small

The bulbs I am interested in are:

Arum elongatum
Arum maculatum
Dracunculus canariense

I am especially interested in Dracunculus canariense.  Will you have any
trouble receiving bulbils from the USA?  

Thank you,
Sue Zunino

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