Hi All:  The Biarums I have are all tubers.  B. tenuifolium is the one I
have planted outside - one clump in the west-facing woodland garden where
Arisaema triphyllum is pervasive and various arums are maturing from seed
and seem to be spreading. Another clump along with some Arum italicum (also
in its first year) is in a shaded area under some cedars and facing east.
The other three are inside in windowsill pots - B. ditschianum, B.
arundianum and B. davisii.  Haven't been able to find much written material
on Biarums and until I saw the price of B. davisii in a catalogue recently,
I thought of them as "lesser" aroids?  Nothing "lesser" about the praice.
So, until I see what comes through this first Canadian winter, I won't
really know what I have to trade.  Am not quite sure how to treat them - re
fertilizing and the risk of hybridizing in the garden - any tips would be
much appreciated.

London Canada

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