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From: on behalf of Krzysztof Kozminski
Sent: 	Thursday, December 11, 1997 1:09 PM
Subject: 	Re: Grocery Store Aroids

On Thu, 11 Dec 1997, Lester Kallus wrote:

> Perhaps its time for one of our web pages to have a table with common
> grocery store name in one column and scientific name in the next column.

>>After acquiring something called 'malanga' aka X.saggitifolia (but after
it grew, the coloring and general appearance seem to be somwhere
X.violaceum and X.saggitifolia), I did some web searches and here's the
list of relevant entries: Aroids<<

Dear Krzysztof,
What happened to you is common, as the words "malanga"(generally Cuban ) and 
"yautia" ( generally Puerto Rican or Dominican Republic ) are the generic 
names for ALL edible Xanthosoma/Colocasia species in the Spanish Caribbean, 
and these words are then qualified by the "variety" of tuber you are buying, 
such as "malanga /yautia blanca" (which WILL turn out to be X. sagittifolia ) 
or "malanga/yautia lilac" (which will be "red coco" in Jamaican groceries and 
may be X. violacium ), or "malanga/yautia  amarilla" which, according to 
Bown`s book is X. atrovirens, or "malanga cabeza" which will be Colocasia 
esculenta esculenta !  This is understandable, if one remembers that 
"malanga/yautia" is like saying "potato", but, do you need an IDAHO potato, or 
a RED potato, or a BROWN potato, etc., etc.
I had this "conversation" with my friend Don just recently, and he was 
confused at first.  And remember, there are others out there that I do not 
know the Spanish names for as yet, such as Colocasia esculenta antiquorum, 
which is called "eddoes"  in the English-speaking West Indian groceries but 
"arvi" in Indian/Pakistani groceries, and is being sold as "taro root" at Winn 
Dixie near my home !
Good luck.

>From the above, you can learn, e.g., that Tahitian Spinach is an aroid .. 

Krzysztof Kozminski

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