RE: Grocery Store Aroids

Thanks for all the tips.  Actually, I'm going to start putting this list
together now that you've given me all these names.  As for shipping them to
LI, thanks, but I don't think it'll be much of a problem.  I should be able
to find these tubers by looking in a few different local stores (now that I
know what to look for).  It's especially interesting to think that I can
get antiquorum illustris tubers.  Those plants weren't especially
expensive, but at $1.95 a pound, I can afford enough to have an entire bed
of them.

Thanks for the references.  I think we can do better, though.  I envision a
3 column list now with nationality, food name and scientific name as the 3
columns.  It could be published in three different pages, each page sorted
by a different column.

So with this in mind, I'll try to get to this list on Sunday when I have a
day off with no immediate responsibilities looming overhead.

Once the list is up, I'll ask folks to look in and make some
recommendations for updating.

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