Re: Inflorescence Odor Changes in Response to Temperature

>The temperature is again tonight dropping into the low 50degF point and
>it is very windy.  Since the wind chill will probably put the effective
>temperature far below 50, once again the water dwellers will spend their
>night in the garage. The Uropspathas have a number of inflorescences most
>of which this afternoon were exuding their characteristicly sweet
>melon-like odor.  Just a few hours later, the fragrance is gone.  I know
>this is not a response to darkness, as they were quite fragrant last
>night at 11PM.
>But I have not night heard of plants with flowers that respond to

It would make sense that plants that produce volatile oils and such to
produce an odour to attract pollinators would shut down below a certain
temperature. Most insects also shut down and become torpid at lower
temperatures, also.

Kind Regards,

Rand (-18 C)

Rand Nicholson
New Brunswick
Maritime Canada, Z 5b

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