Re: The Genera of Araceae

Dear Chris:

	Petra will send you the details of the book or I will include it
in a letter to you since I intended to send you back your list of
Philodendron in your collection with some comments on many of them.  The
GoA is pretty expensive, going for over $125 and it may not be available
yet in your library.  If they don't have it ordered yet, perhaps you can
get them to order it.  Does your zoo have its own reference collection
or to you have to rely just on your public library?  Are there any large
universities in the Indianapolis area?  The Indiana universities that I
know are all in other places.

> A while back a book was advertised,"Thr Genera of Araceae".I would 
> like to borrow it through our library,but I need all the info on it.
> Publisher,author,ISBN#,etc.If any one has this info,please let me 
> know.
>                       Thanks,Chris Greene

Thomas B. Croat, Ph.D.
P.A. Schulz Curator of Botany
Missouri Botanical Garden
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St. Louis, MO 63166-0299
phone: 314-577-5163; fax 314-577-9596; email

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