RE: An article about Arum purpureospathum

From: on behalf of Ben en marijke van Dongen
Sent: 	Tuesday, December 16, 1997 10:21 PM
Subject: 	An article about Arum purpureospathum

>>I am interested in an article about Arum purpureospathum bij  P. Boyce =
in AROIDEANA (10): 6-8 (A new species of Arum L. from Crete)
Is there anybody who can send me this article by email or let me know =
where on the internet i can read this article?

Greetings and thanks beforehand,

Ben van Dongen<<

Dear Ben, 
If no one else gives you an answer as to if this is available on the net or 
not, then send me your snail-mail address and I can then make a copy and mail 
it to you.
Would you also be interested in the section on this same species in Peter 
Boyce`s WONDERFUL (and newer0 book, "The Genus Arum"?  I can also copy this if 
you need it, but recomend that you try to obtain this book, one of the BEST 
that I have seen. (ISBN  0  11  250085  4 ,available from Kew Gardens, The 
Bentham-Moxon Trust.)

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