Re: The Genera of Araceae

When Chris first posted this question, I checked this title in OCLC,
the big international online bibliographic utility, and found that
it was not listed. This will inhibit  interlibrary loan borrowing.
Until someone catalogs it and posts a record on OCLC, requesting
libraries will not know which institutions possess the book, so won't
know where to send a request.
Just a librarian's 2 cents.

Sue Haffner
> Dear Chris:
> 	Petra will send you the details of the book or I will include it
> in a letter to you since I intended to send you back your list of
> Philodendron in your collection with some comments on many of them.  The
> GoA is pretty expensive, going for over $125 and it may not be available
> yet in your library.  If they don't have it ordered yet, perhaps you can
> get them to order it.  Does your zoo have its own reference collection
> or to you have to rely just on your public library?  Are there any large
> universities in the Indianapolis area?  The Indiana universities that I
> know are all in other places.
> 	Tom
> > 
> > A while back a book was advertised,"Thr Genera of Araceae".I would 
> > like to borrow it through our library,but I need all the info on it.
> > Publisher,author,ISBN#,etc.If any one has this info,please let me 
> > know.
> >                       Thanks,Chris Greene
> >             
> > 
> > 
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