Re: Sauromatum venosum seeds

Hi All!

The Sauromatum Venosum seeds I got just started germinating!  I sowed them
in moistened promix, just pressed into the surface,  in a clear plastic
salad container from my local grocery store salad bar.  I cleaned the flesh
from berries first.  I was getting concerned,  because most of the seeds
grew a coating of fungus fuzz.  It turns out the skin coating on the
surface of the seed was rotting,  but the seed itself is unaffected.  I
pricked one out to investigate it more closely,  discovered the rotting
skin,  and a healthy radicle protruding from the seed!  A little closer
inspection revealed that instead of the high mortality I feared,  I am
getting very high germination!  Now I just need to figure out where I am
going to plant 40 sauromatums! <grin>

Jaime Rodriguez      -------------------------/\---------------/\-------
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