Re: Edible aroids

Thanks for the Brazilian terms (as well as the correction for the violaceum
typo).  I've updated the pages.  There are still a couple problems with the
formatting, but it's coming along nicely.  This coming spring, I'll print
out all three pages and head off to the various ethnic stores in the area
looking for cheap tubers.  I hope that with these pages, others will be
able to do the same.

At 04:14 PM 12/18/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Dear Lester and Julius,
>    I took a look on Lester`s page and it is really neat. I would like to 
>add some information. In Brazil, we call Xanthosoma violaceum ``inhame 
>roxo`` or ``taioba roxa``. Colocasia esculenta is usually called 
>``inhame``, but in some regions of Southeastern Brazil, it is called 
>``cara``. Some native species of edible Xanthosoma (like X. maffaffa) are 
>called ``mangarito``. 
>    There is one more thing that I would like to suggest. The name
>Xanthosoma violaceum is mispelled (``X. violacium``). I know it seems
>somewhat silly, but as a taxonomist, I couldn`t resist. 
>Best wishes,

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