Edible aroids

Dear Lester and Julius,

    I took a look on Lester`s page and it is really neat. I would like to 
add some information. In Brazil, we call Xanthosoma violaceum ``inhame 
roxo`` or ``taioba roxa``. Colocasia esculenta is usually called 
``inhame``, but in some regions of Southeastern Brazil, it is called 
``cara``. Some native species of edible Xanthosoma (like X. maffaffa) are 
called ``mangarito``. 
    There is one more thing that I would like to suggest. The name
Xanthosoma violaceum is mispelled (``X. violacium``). I know it seems
somewhat silly, but as a taxonomist, I couldn`t resist. 

Best wishes,


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