Re: Systematic Botany Monographs wrote:
> Thank you for your inquiry about SBM. You can order a copy of vol. 47 be
> e-mail or fax. Both Mastercard and VISA are accepted - send me your
> account number and the expiration date. The price for vol. 47 is $32.00
> (including postage). For more information about the series, you may wish
> to look at the Society's web page -
> Chris Anderson
> -------------------
> Christiane Anderson, University of Michigan Herbarium, North University
> Building, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1057
> E-mail:
> FAX: 313-763-0369
> Phone: 313-647-2812This is the contact and ordering information for any philophiles who may 
want a copy of Mike Grayum's Revision of Philodendron subgenus 
Pteromischum for Pacific and Carribean Tropical America, 233 pp 1996
SBN Volume 47. Mine is on the way!
Regards Neil

Neil Crafter
Adelaide Australia

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