Philodendron seed order

Dear aroiders,
There have been a couple more people express interest in being part of a 
philodendron seed order from Brazil. The list is now:
                       Todd Ruth
                       Christian Feuillet
                       Dick Mansell
                       Dr. Vic Soukup
                       Kent Treadway
                       Donna McGraw
                       Neil Crafter

Todd Ruth has kindly offered to be the US link man. He also suggested 
that Alvim Seidel be asked to send part of the order to the US and the 
balance direct to Australia with us paying additional postage. I guess 
this is an option although I'm not sure how Alvim Seidel will respond 
,especially considering that we are asking for quantities of 100 seeds 
per species when their usual minimum order is 1000 seeds. We can but ask.

Re Alvim Seidel: to date I have had absolutely no response to my fax, and 
I might try sending it again so I'm afraid I cant report as to their 
latest list or whether they have agreed to our 100 seed min. per species.
When I have some more news I'll report back.

regards Neil

Neil Crafter
Adelaide Australia

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