Re: Philodendron polypodioides

>Christian:  I think that P. polypodioides is just an abberant P.
>pedatum.  The latter is a highly variable species.  I wonder if this
>"form" has some inherant genetic problem and that this could be the
>reason why it grows so slowly. 
>	Tom Croat

I've been very slow to answer this one. Please excuse me.
Actually the plant grew very well last year and I gave rooted cuttings away.
Only since July is it at a stand still. Still nicely green, but waiting for
something that obviously was not Summer, Fall or Winter. Let's hope it will
be Spring. Or maybe it is behaving like it should in strong light, waiting
for blooming season, if I am authorized a sweet dream.
Never seen the inflorescence. The whole plant is much smaller than the P.
pedatum I collected in French Guiana too. I would say 3-4 time skinnier and
more elegant, nearly delicate with leaf-lobes 3-5 mm wide.
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