Aroids in Orlando

Aroids in Orlando?  Sounds like a B movie made on some backlot.  Anyway,
I'm on the road again for the last time before spring.  I'm in Orlando and
had great hopes that a couple of the nurseries I've visited in the past
would have some interesting aroids.  Instead, I had my choice between
petunias and impatiens with a couple plane red hibiscus on the side.  

Having found Alocasia amazonica at Home Depot on Long Island I had great
hopes for Orlando but have been dissappointed.

I can't venture too far from the convention center, but...   if anyone
knows of any place not too far away that would have something more
interesting than a petunia, I'd greatly appreciate the information.  I'm
here till Sunday morning but have a major presentation scheduled for
Saturday morning (so time's limited).

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