Re: Philodendron seed order

Neil:  I would be willing to get involved with this as well.  Initially
I thought that it was going to involve shipment to Australia and I
thought that this was too tenuous a connection. 
	Tom Croat
	Missouri Botanical Garden
	St. Louis, MO
> Dear aroiders,
> There have been a couple more people express interest in being part of a 
> philodendron seed order from Brazil. The list is now:
>                        Todd Ruth
>                        Christian Feuillet
>                        Dick Mansell
>                        Dr. Vic Soukup
>                        Kent Treadway
>                        Donna McGraw
>                        Neil Crafter
> Todd Ruth has kindly offered to be the US link man. He also suggested 
> that Alvim Seidel be asked to send part of the order to the US and the 
> balance direct to Australia with us paying additional postage. I guess 
> this is an option although I'm not sure how Alvim Seidel will respond 
> ,especially considering that we are asking for quantities of 100 seeds 
> per species when their usual minimum order is 1000 seeds. We can but ask.
> Re Alvim Seidel: to date I have had absolutely no response to my fax, and 
> I might try sending it again so I'm afraid I cant report as to their 
> latest list or whether they have agreed to our 100 seed min. per species.
> When I have some more news I'll report back.
> regards Neil
> Neil Crafter
> Adelaide Australia

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