A. konjak

Just recently, Craig wrote about his experiences with A. konjak and near
the end of his e-mail he asked these questions...

> So here are the questions.
> - How big do the tubers, plants and flowers get????
> - Mine seem to last about 4-5 months before the plant turns yellow and
> falls over.  Can I start them earlier somehow and/or keep them growing
> longer in the fall so they grow bigger???
> - What factor(s) cause them to go dormant???
> - I read somewhere that they use the tubers like potatoes in the far
> east.  Anyone tried to eat one???
> Thanks for the information and comments.
> Regards,
> Craig

I was fortunate to have my wife's cousin in town today and, as she is
fluent in Japanese, I ran the magazine we refer to as "Open Doors" right
over and left it with her for the day. This evening we discussed the

About A. konjak, it is very popular in Japan as a cooking supplement for
soups and stew-like dishes. The tuber are raised and then cooked
(usually cooking is also done on a commercial basis) or reduced to a
substance somewhat stiffer than jelatin. The resultant material is
pressed into blocks and sold like tofu in the grocery stores. The widely
held belief is that it is health food.

She stated that it has relatively no taste and it is grey in color with
black specks throughout. To use it, one cuts the block into pieces or
slices and adds it to the meal as a supplement. It does not cook down,
but seems to remain in the cut shape unless you stir it constantly.

She was willing to send me a recipe or two once she returns home to
Tokyo.  Anyone interested in some nice konjak?

She also added that they pronounce it cone-yuk. The name Amorphophallus
is not associated with the product to the lay person.

Happy eating...
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