Re: Caladium humboldtii

>Dear caladium growers:
>   I was given some plants of Caladium humboldtii this summer.  They have
>been in the greenhouse and have finally gone dormant, and I need some
>advise.  Seven small tubers were removed from the pot and cleaned of all
>soil.  I would like to increase the number of plants next year.  Is it safe
>to cut the tubers into pieces?  Each piece having a bud. The pieces would be
>very tiny, and I am afraid they would dry to nothing.  Or should I just
>replant them several inches apart and let nature take its course?  Is there
>a place where I can buy some more of these?  In advance, thanks for any help.

If I were you, I think I would wait till just before I plant the tubers to
break them apart.  In the interim, I might suggest that you wet them every
few weeks with a fungicide soulution then let them dry.  This will help to
prevent dessication and will work on any fungii that might come down the
pike.  When you are ready to plant, break them into as many pieces as you
like and dust them with Captan powder or any fungicide and plant.  You will
have a lot more plants but they will be smaller because the individual
tuber will not have a large supply of starch from which to draw energy.

Just my $.02 worth....  but, works for me...

Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut
Davie, Florida 33328
FAX:    (954) 680-0305

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