Caladium humboldtii

Dear caladium growers:

   I was given some plants of Caladium humboldtii this summer.  They have
been in the greenhouse and have finally gone dormant, and I need some
advise.  Seven small tubers were removed from the pot and cleaned of all
soil.  I would like to increase the number of plants next year.  Is it safe
to cut the tubers into pieces?  Each piece having a bud. The pieces would be
very tiny, and I am afraid they would dry to nothing.  Or should I just
replant them several inches apart and let nature take its course?  Is there
a place where I can buy some more of these?  In advance, thanks for any help.

Paul M. Resslar
Professor of Biology
Virginia Wesleyan College
1584 Wesleyan Drive
Norfolk, Virginia 23502-5599  

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