another non-aroid question

     dear aroiders,
     i hope you can help me in regards to gingers (zingiberaceae) and=20
     alstroemeria (alstroemeriaceae).
     i have tried growing the following zingib.: globba winitti and=20
     kaempferia roscoeana indoors but they have never bloomed or grown much=
     at all for me.  i just got another large globba from logee's, which=20
     had an inflorescence in the large stalk.  the other stalks have=20
     refused to grow so far and the plant seems to be declining.  last=20
     year, i had one that never bloomed and this year tried to come back=20
     after dormancy but has not grown much than a few thin stalks and has=20
     now died.  with kaempferia, it grew a few leaves but then went dormant=
     (or died, i'm not sure). =20
     what tips can you provide to grow these guys indoors?
     i just got another alstroemeria pulchella from logee's.  it's rather=20
     large and keeps growing, new stalks keep coming out but it hasn't=20
     bloom at all.  this plant is grown underlights (2 40 watt tubes). =20
     last year's alstroemeria never came back after dormanccy.
     any tips, suggestions, advice will be greatly appreciated.
     thanks in advance.
     tsuh yang chen, new york city

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