Arisaema reference

The article is:  Size-dependent gender change in green dragon (Arisaema
dracontium), Amer. J. bot. 80(7): 769-777. 1993.

> Dear Linda,
> A man by the name of Keith Clay did a couple of papers on flower size in A.
> draconitum; I know that this is not the species that you are writing the
> paper on, but it may help and you can reference them.  All I can tell you
> (and this is from scant memory) is that Keith Clay was a professor at Indiana
> University as of a couple of years ago; he has written at least one paper on
> A. draconitum flower size; I can't remember the journal (the only reason I
> remember this much is because I did an undergraduate teaching internship
> under him a couple of years ago and recognised the name).  However, you can
> reference his name in a scientific journal index; as a matter of fact, a
> scientific journal index search would be well worth your while if you can get
> to a university with a biology department.
> Lots of luck -
> Stacy

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