Re: California's "modus operandus" rules.... NOT!!!!!

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>To anyone who can tell me:
>I recentenly tried to get a catalogue from an eastern nersery who informed
>the forum that it would no longer be sending catalogs to California.  The
>reason for this is the California agriculture inspection process.  CA.
>aparently confiscated two different shipments comming from this particular
>nersery and held them until they were beyond life, even though the reasons
>were bogus.  In the first case, the dead plants were sent back to the
>nersery, and the second case the dead plants were sent on to the customer! 
>    My question is this: I ordered some wonderfull Caladium tubers from
>Richard Mansell and I'm wondering if they will meet the same fate?  I hope
>this is an approiate question for this forum, but can anyone enlighten me on
>this one?
>Thank you
>Good Golly Miss Molly! (as Little Richard used to say) but I may  be in
the wrong business. I am in California and regularly ship and receive plant
material from, let's say all over the world. and whereas I have run into
overzealous inspectors who do very naughty things, it has not happened for
years; nor often. Perhaps 3 times in 18 years. It would be of some interest
to know if the nursery targeted had a history with the AG department. It is
not something I would allow to pass without considerable challenge. There
are other mail order companies in the Agriculturally-sensitive states like
Florida, Arizona, California, and I forgot who, and they conform to some
inspection and paper and red tape and all goes well. It is of interest to
me that when I lived in Boston and received exotic shipments, many of them
with live scorpions and other pets included, the Ag dept had no interest.
All such things were presumed to be too tropical to survive in Boston, and
parcels were not even opened for inspection!

Hermine and Roger Stover

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