Re: California's "modus operandus" rules.... NOT!!!!!

At 11:07 PM 2/8/97 -0600, Dewey Fisk wrote:
>As a former State Plant Inspector from the State of Florida, I can tell you
>that the 'Rules of Californina" are erratic at best.  The situation, that
>you described, of confiscation is certainly not unusual.  Sometimes, it
>seems that even Phytosanitary Certificates did not work.  I wish you well
>getting plants into California.  The best way, as a private person, that I
>have found is to mail them with no identification on the package..  This
>way, they don't know.
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>Yes a private party can do thit and only the plant is lost. but a
commercial mail-order nursery may not or I think the penalty is death. I
have encounterd some nurseries in New Jersey who will not ship to CA
because they feel they could not meet our standards. But look ath the
mail-order nurseries who do, like Logees, and White Flower Farms and all
those places who davertise in plant magazines. They do not report any
unusual problem. each state has its own highly specific regulations. Plants
grown in Florida soil may not come in, because the nematodes in Florida
soil would be very ahppy here, along with our native and other introduced
nematodes. and some of the other rules seem silly. But by no means is it
common. Many of my friends and customers regularly have plant material
shipped to them here in CA. But we all fear the Florida agricultureal
3 acres of California-grown Bamboo, Palms, Cycads, Sansevierias, Exotics.
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