Re: California's "modus operandus" rules.... NOT!!!!!

To anyone who can tell me:
I recentenly tried to get a catalogue from an eastern nersery who informed
the forum that it would no longer be sending catalogs to California.  The
reason for this is the California agriculture inspection process.  CA.
aparently confiscated two different shipments comming from this particular
nersery and held them until they were beyond life, even though the reasons
were bogus.  In the first case, the dead plants were sent back to the
nersery, and the second case the dead plants were sent on to the customer! 
    My question is this: I ordered some wonderfull Caladium tubers from
Richard Mansell and I'm wondering if they will meet the same fate?  I hope
this is an approiate question for this forum, but can anyone enlighten me on
this one?

Thank you

Hello Sue!

This is not an uncommon situation.  We have friends in the plant 
business, here in Florida that often send plants to California with a 
similar situation occuring.  I don't think it will be too long, 
before alot of growers stop sending plants to California.  


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