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> Date:          Sun, 09 Feb 1997 10:55:10 -0600
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> 2. My Typhonium tuber from Rob was planted 8/18 and although it's stable
> it doesn't appear vigorous. But then I am unfamiliar with the plant. Any
> cultural advice?

Dear Mary Jane,
The parent tubers of your Typhonium are behaving oddly here too. They 
are just starting to shoot now ( late summer ) which is very 
late I'm sure. We are having a ferocious summer so maybe they are 
biding their time. 
Your tubers are still confused about the change in hemisphere. I 
would still keep them dry and just keep waiting. 
> 3. My Anchomanes difformis seeds were planted 8/18 and the leaves are
> now all turning yellow. Is this natural dormancy or death? If it is
> dormancy should I leave them potted and dry or unpotted and dry? For how
> many months? Will they begin new growth when it is time for me to give
> them sunlight and water?

It sounds like natural dormancy to me. You should find they have 
developed little tubers now. I kept mine potted and dry and they 
broke dormancy when they were ready. They can be dormant for a few 
months or so.
You could try repotting some and keeping them slighty moist to see if 
it makes any difference.

Dept.of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Monash University, Clayton 3168

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