My Thanks

My thanks to everyone who contributed seed to the lastest Arisaema
exchange and to Ray who does an incredible job at distribution. Also
thank you to Dick for his kind offer of Caladiums.

I also have some questions.
1. I've never grown Amorphophallus knojac in a pot before but I have one
large tuber that rotted. I was able to save 1/3 of it. I do have others
so it is not imperative that I save this one but I'd like to try. I just
potted it (after several months in the basement, dry, without soil) and
now wonder about it's care. Any suggestions?

2. My Typhonium tuber from Rob was planted 8/18 and although it's stable
it doesn't appear vigorous. But then I am unfamiliar with the plant. Any
cultural advice?

3. My Anchomanes difformis seeds were planted 8/18 and the leaves are
now all turning yellow. Is this natural dormancy or death? If it is
dormancy should I leave them potted and dry or unpotted and dry? For how
many months? Will they begin new growth when it is time for me to give
them sunlight and water?

Thanks for your patience. I've got a lot to learn.

MJ Hatfield

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