Re: Shipping between US and Canada

At 09:38 PM 2/11/97 -0600, Carlo A. Balistrieri wrote:
>There is a new certification program being put into place in the United
>States (by APHIS) and Canada (AAFC) that will allow certified growers in
>each country to ship certain "low-risk" plants to the other country without
>the need for phytosanitary certificate to accompany each shipment. Certified
>operations will be issued a number (to appear on labels) which will take the
>place of the phyto.
>I don't have complete information yet and am not sure whether the program is
>limited to greenhouse grown plants (defined as indoor foliage, flowering
>plants and bedding plants) but it's a step in the right direction. Contact
>your local APHIS or AAFC office for additional details.
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>To me, the nuttiest regulations between countries and/or states is when
they have contiguous borders and the same pests on either side of this
"imaginary" dividing line. That is when I want to perform my own acts of
civil disobedience.

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