Re: Shipping between US and Canada

Currently we are allowed to import "houseplants' from the US to Canada 
without a phyto.  I thought this would be great for when I travel in the 
warm south.  I planned to buy the sorts of plants that grow outside in 
San Diego but must spend winters in a conservatory in Canada.  I found 
that was the wrong interpretation, unfortunately.  What they mean by 
houseplants are things that must be grown in greenhouses in their place 
of origin.  Maybe just tropicals, then.  And maybe the new regulations 
will just apply to places like Monrovia that ship semi-trailer loads of 
plants to us.  (an aside:  when I travelled in the Carolinas last year, I 
was shocked to see the familiar big M hangtags on most of the plants in 
the garden centres - California has a big outreach)

But, I will certainly check to see if this will also apply to garden 
tourists who like to choose their own plants.  Thanks, Carlo.

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