O.K. on all the comments....  Here is the story...

Aroideana was mailed on February 4, 1997.  It was mailed with our Bulk Mail
Permit (otherwise it would really have cost a fortune).  Now, all of us
know the Post Office...  they do things in their own time.  I have not
received my copy yet via the mail but since I helped stuff the envelopes
and get them ready for mailing, I have a copy that I snitched...  (It is
great and worth the wait.)  Now, I certainly can sympathize with you if you
have not received your copy but there is nothing we can do but wait for the
Post Office to deliver it.  For instance, I live less than ten miles from
the Post Office where it was mailed.   Others that live closer and further
away have and have not recieved copies...  there is no rhyme or reason as
to how the Post Office does this thing...  Have patience, it has been
mailed!!!  And, if you were a member of IAS in 1996, you will receive a

[Editor's note from listowner: Aroideana vol. 19 was airmailed to 1996 
overseas IAS members.  Many of you probably have your copies already.]

If you are not a member...  Please go to the IAS Web Site and secure an
application!  We would love to have you as our next member!

Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut
Davie, Florida 33328
FAX:    (954) 680-0305

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