Greetings from Dominica

Hi--this is just a note to introduce myself to the Aroid-L list.  I have been a 
member of the Aroid Society for a number of years, but just recently subscribed 
to this list.  I have been following your correspondence with interest.

I live on the island of Dominica, which is in the West Indies between Martinique 
and Guadeloupe.  I have about 4 acres of rainforest garden on a mountain slope. 
 The climate is tropical, and we get about 250" of rain each year.  I have been 
collecting native and non-endemic species of aroids, orchids, gingers, begonias 
and other types of plants for the past 30 years.  Aroids are a special passion 
of mine, and I have been able to successfully grow dozens of species.  However, 
an aroid enthusiast who visited Dominica about five years ago gave me a small 
plant which he collected in some obscure corner of the island.  I planted it 
here, and it is now more than 7 feet tall.  I have been unable to identify this 
plant and just recently sent 2 photos to your plant ID site, hoping that someone 
can help me identify this plant.  

Note to Aroiders:  Dominica is definitely worth a visit!

Anne G. J. Baptiste
Papillote Wilderness Retreat

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