Re: Giant Tuber culture

>I have a question for fellow cold weather aroiders. I've been mulling around
>an idea for outdoor culture. I've heard some folks grumble the tubers
>eventually get to a size where they can hardly be dug anymore to be brought
>inside for their dormancy.
>How about this:  instead of planting them in spring when the ground warms,
>WHAT ABOUT putting them on TOP of the ground and THEN burying them with a
>loose, well draining mixture of leaf mold and sand?--sort of a tuber
>mausoleum. Then when they go dormant simply uncover, tip into a wheel barrow
>or other suitable implement (if too heavy to lift) and cart indoors.
>What do you think?

Cats, dogs, squirrls, racoons, skunks, rabbits, et. al. would consider this
a gift from God; in my neck of the world, at least.



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