Re: Giant Tuber culture

Dear Carlo;
	I consider myself a fair-weather aroider-at least for those not
hardy enough to weather our weather in Kansas City (Zone 5/6) . ...but I
didn't quite get what you were asking for.

	WHAT giant tubers? 	Alocasia	Amorphophallus	Caladium?

	It sounds like you grow some giant tubered aroid, but the tubers
are smaller when they go dormant at season's end.

	I need more data- names, places, size etc.

	Thanks		Jim W.

You wrote on 2/14/97 :
I have a question for fellow cold weather aroiders. I've been mulling around
an idea for outdoor culture. I've heard some folks grumble the tubers
eventually get to a size where they can hardly be dug anymore to be brought
inside for their dormancy.

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