Re: *Long* administrivia (but please read it anyway!)

if any significant
>percentage of the list membership is opposed to a public archive we should
>request Chris to keep the Aroid-L portion of this site permanently
>off-limits outside his organization.
>Don will post anything pending on this topic after this note has been
>delivered; please let us know privately("" will reach
>us both) or publicly as you see fit how you feel about the issue. I do
>hope we can deal with this digression from aroids quickly (and more
>succinctly than I have) and get back to our botanical addiction.

I have _always_ used e-mail and the Net with the caveat that _any_ and
_all_ of my postings could be accessed by anyone who cared to do so. With
this in mind, I have acted accordingly in regards to anything I write.

It should be understood by now that, if one has an e-mail address or even
just a telephone, anyone who wishes can probably find it with little
effort, whether one belongs to a list or not.

When you use e-mail it is like shouting out a window in a neighbourhood
where everyone else does the same. No-one really pays attention except the
person you are shouting at, but everyone can listen in, if they want to.

I think the subject of privacy on the Net is moot at this point and any
decision made by Aroid-L is fine by me as long as it does not hurt the
Aroid-L. I find the matter of copyright infringement disturbing, but, like
so many, do not see how it can be strictly enforced.

Kind Regards,


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