Re: Sun Bulb

I would be glad to go in on a purchase of bulbifers. I purchased an Am.
bulbifer from Sun Bulbs (at Home Depot) back in March '94 which was labeled
Voodoo lily or Snake lily, and had a picture of a leaf of Saurumatum
guttatum. It hasn't flowered yet, but produces bulbs in the leaf like a
bulbifer. The stem mottling is different from my other bulbifers though. It
has a darker green color with long vertical marks of black and white, where
my others have a more standard mottling of round splotches. This is from
memory as both are still dormant now. The Sun bulb bulbifer is much
prettier than the others I have. 
P.S. This is my first post as I just signed on last week. I grow mostly
aroids and palms, but also have an extensive collection and interest in
Polyscias aralias.

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