25 watt Sun Bulb

On Sat, 22 Feb 1997, MJ wrote:

> OK, I'll go in with folk on an order from Sun Bulbs.
> MJ Hatfield

	I posted the Philo Phreak and the Sultan of Sauromatum suggested I
coordinate the Amorphophallus purchace.  I am interested in getting 50
myself and have gotten the impression we Amorphoholics need to order
somewhat more than this to constitute a "wholesale purchace".  Therefore,
this is everyone's golden oppurtunity to cultivate a patch of phalli for
just pennies apiece!!  Seriously folks, these things make wonderful
groundcover and can really beautify that ugly patch of naked earth 'round
the outhouse next summer....

			Post me if interested,

				Roger L. Sieloff

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