50 Watt Sun Bulb

On Mon, 24 Feb 1997, Don Burns wrote:

> Apologies if I missed this...  Has someone voluteered to be the Sun Bulb 
> contact?  If yes, please stand up so we do not have to forward the 
> related notes to the list.
> Thanx.
> Don

	Actually it was me, the Amorphoholic from Indiana, Roger L.
Sieloff.  Thus far the responce has been enthuiastic, to say the least,
but I still need to know what Sun thinks is a "wholesale order", not to
mention the address of this frim.  I trust the Philo Phreake will
eventually fill me in as I continue to tear open the mounds of E-mail
pouring in this evening. As this Amorphenomenom continues to unfold before
me, I will save all responces and tally up the tubers.  After a set
deadline - either next Wednesday or the destruction of my saving's account
- I will make the order and then everyone can get their bulbs from me for
what I paid, plus a dollar or two for shipping.  I have an unlimited
number of styrofoam boxes at my disposal and these ought to keep the
tubers frost free.  Shipping will commence upon your check arriving in my
(postal) mailbox.   

				Roger L. Sieloff  

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