156 Watt Sun Bulb

On Tue, 25 Feb 1997, Dewey Fisk wrote:

> Excellent...  Put it on aroid-l one more time that you are taking orders...
> Linda Lopez is interested...
> Dewey
> >        Thanks for the info.  I currently have 11 individuals ordering
> >156 bulbs between them.  I estimate the total order ought to be around 200
> >bulbs.  This surely constitutes a "wholesale order".  I think I'll give
> >them a call to negotiate prices and shipping.
> >
> >                        Roger L. Sieloff
> Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut

	There you have it folks, personally blessed by by the Meister
Aroider himself. Wednesday, 2/26/97 @ 5:00 P.M. eastern standard the great
Amorphophallus offer ends.  I will compile the list and call Sun bulb the
next day.  Prices of bulb orders will be based on the average cost of each
bulb figured for what I paid for the whole lot.  I expect the price to be
very roughly around $1.00/bulb.   Thus far my total outlay is still under
$200.00. In the event a last ditch panic floods me in orders totaling over 
$300.00, I'm afraid I will be forced to log orders chronologically until
the $300 ceiling is reached (my credit card is, unfortunatly, finite).
After negotiations have been finalized with Sun bulb, I will re-contact
all bonified participants personally with the cost of their order,
figuring in what standard postal costs ought to be.   Upon receipt of the
participants checks, the orders will be shipped out in a series of
styrofoam boxes, complete with a silly flier.

			It don't get much better than this,

						Roger L. Sieloff

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