Re: More on Arisaema erubescens


Very interesting. Thanks for sharing the references with us.  I do have a
translation of the Key from Flora of China done at the National
Arboretum. It does identify A. erubescens but does not even mention A.
consanguineum. Hopefully the descriptive portion of the document does do
that, but I do not have a translation of that. I do have a partial
translation, not in computer form, and will search that.

The section of the key on A. erubescens shows:

 	Arisaema Sect. 13 Sinarisaema

1. Spathe throat margin entire.
    2. Appendix apex glabrous.
        3. Leaflets 14, undulate-margined; appendix thick-clavate,
narrowed to base, 
upper part to 1 cm thick.
                         70. A. undulatum Krause
        3. Leaflets entire.
            4. Leaves 2.
                5. Leaflets 9, oblanceolate; spathe purple with white
blade with linear cauda to 12 cm long; appendix thin, 7 cm x 1 mm.
                         71. A. oblanceolatum Kitamura
                5. Leaflets 11, linear-lanceolate; spathe green with 
white striae, blade with linear cauda 4.0-4.5 cm x 5-6 mm, female
appendix with numerous 
sterile flowers.
                        72. A. biradiatifoliatum Kitamura
            4 Leaf 1.
                    6. Petiole longer than leaf blade; appendix more or
less with sterile flowers.
                        7. Spathe green with white striae; leaflets 7-13.
                            8. Appendix thin, 4-5 cm x 1 mm, slightly
recurved, sparsely covered with sterile flowers below.
                        73. A. formosanum Hayata
                            8. Appendix thicker, 5-6 cm x 2-4 mm, middle
and lower parts with obtuse sterile flowers to 7 mm long.
                        74. A. kelung-insulare Hay.
                       7. Spathe green or purple, with or without white
striae; appendix narrowed toward base and apex, 2-4 cm long, 2.5-5.0 mm
thick in middle, lower part with sterile flowers; leaflets few or more.
                        75. A. erubescens (Wall.) Schott
                   6. Petiole shorter than blade; leaflets 13, 30 x 6-7
(-10) cm.
                        76. A. brevipes Engl.
    2. Appendix apex ciliate or rugose.
                           9. Appendix clavate, stipitate, 2.2-6.0 cm x
5-9 mm, apex densely echinate for more than 0.7 mm.
                       78. A. echinatum (Wall.) Schott
                           9. Appendix thin-cylindric, sessile, 2-4 mm
thick, apex rugose, lower part with numerous sterile flowers.
                       77. A. concinnum Schott
1. Spathe throat margin oblique-truncate, ciliate, blade violet-purple
with greenish white striae that nearly reach the blade margin.
                       79. A. ciliatum H Li

and so on.


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